Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rainbow Valley Northern Territory Australia finished textured acrylic Painting by Chris Hobel daily painting, Noosa artist

Australian outback painting 
24x36"commissioned painting.
Prints available at Fine Art America

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rainbow Valley Australia, acrylic painting abstracted landscape by Daily painter Chris Hobel another step towards the finish line

Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory Australia
Acrylic Painting with texture by Chris Hobel 
I managed to get an interesting long walk  in this mornning on the beach with my trusty umbrella in tow, it was well used  I might say.
As the weather is quite warm the beach  was busy on this public holiday and  a little  rain makes it more fun.  Not so fun now as is bucketing down.
Good painting weather  so I got a few hours work in this afternoon
. I often like my paintings very early on and should have someone there to say ... thats good, leave it.
I feel a painting needs a certain amount of time to be worthy of selling. How crazy is that. I must get over it. These are pretty rough photos as  I had to stand above on a chair for the last one as it was wet on the base.

This is the  almost finished one, I think I like the darker mood on the top picture. I always find the foreground the most difficult in a landscape. What do you think?

Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory Acrylic Painting by daily painter Chris Hobel, Noosa Artist

Rainbow Valley Painting first steps by Chris Hobel
Today I worked on a commission 24x36" of Rainbow Valley  Northern Territory Australia.... Ive made some progress its on its way but I still need to do the foreground.  I sold the original painting of Rainbow Valley recently  but another client wants a similiar painting. As it was painted several years ago, it will be interesting to see the change in style I made. Its done mainly with the palette knife with acrylics on a backgound of modelling paste, my latest thing.   
Ive made a slide show of my progress but it still is not complete so check again soon for the final installment. The rain continues after a small repreive for christmas day but at least it remains coolish...good painting weather. 
We had a  yummy christmas  seafood lunch   of Sydney Rock Oysters, Queensland King Prawns, Caesar salad , Potato salad and ice cream cake.............what did you have ?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Chris Hobel Daily Painting

Merry Christmas to all 
Peace and Love 
I found this cute image at a favourite quilting blog
Lurlines Place

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Large Tuscan Village Oil Painting by Daily painter Chris Hobel Noosa Heads Australia

This is the final version, 24x36" a large traditional landscape of a pretty Tuscan village. As you can see from the animation, it has add a few additions and removals. I often prefer the early stages of my painting to the finsihed versions. I need to follow my own advice KISS, keep it simple stupid.  I have painted this scene a few times . I was pretty happy with it in the end
Enjoy the animation
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mt Coolum Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel daily painter Noosa Heads

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Decided to try a different sky colour from the usual but ended up with a few solutions. The dark green foreground didnt seem right so I bravely added red to give it some more strong colour as in the orange sky. I quite liked it as a painting but it didnt quite look like the bright green sugar cane fields, more like poppy field...not a convincing look in the sub tropics..... I would love to see what you think... which one do you like the best

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuscan Village Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Daily Painting

This baby is finished! 
Tuscan Village Oil Painting 24x36"canvas
on deep sided  frame painted around the sides
and is for sale 
Contact me to purchase

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The final step, painting the sides Tuscan Painting by Chris Hobel

I finally decided to end it all after much fusing around with this painting. ie painting the sides the final step. Such a large traditional landscape 24x36" 61x91cms  for me is new.  I should have painted it quickly with house painting brushes to stop that dreaded thing distraction and detail. I did enjoy it and learnt a lot from it I hope. When it dries I  can photograph it and will show it to you

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuscan Village Oil Painting progress by Chis Hobel daily painter

another step, can you spot the difference. I remember playing these games with my kids.
 Its still not done but a bit closer.
the road on the right is less obvious. The olive trees in the front are done, Ive signed the painting as I did not want to overwork this side of the painting

Monday, November 15, 2010

Some hints for Professional photos of paintings and latest Tuscan Village painting Chris Hobel Daily painting

Painting 24x36" Tuscan Village  Oil Painting
Unfinshed photo1 and top photo  what Im up to so far. I ve been working on another tuscan village scene, much larger than any others Ive  done of this type of thingThe large expanse of green is a bit daunting especially the right hand foreground.I like it now but it is a bit unfinshed. The perennial problem.. knowing when to stop. It is not the focal point so I need to be careful not to overdo the detail here. Im not happy with the road leading into the houses on the right. I think it will have to go

My promise to blog more often has been hijacked by family stuff. My head feels like cotton wool ie no logic and my stomach has a migraine, not a good combination. Hopefully the fog will clear soon
My butterfly movie  was fun to do, although I have already forgotten how to do it. Currently Im learning photoshop at U3A Noosa. Im really enjoying it but it means less time for painting and blogging.
The fine art international site is fun as Ive sold a couple of prints on it. The problem is you need really professional photos taken for them to be able to print  from them. I will need a new camera at least 8 megapixels, a tripod , outdoor even light, and the ability to hang your painting flat. Not sure if its worth it for a few dollars profit. I will need to sell a lot of prints.
This week a quick trip to the gold coast Qld Australia airport ( all the cheap overseas flights go from there) to send off my baby for a 2year adventure,
breakfast at Cooloongatta and  some great shots were taken at Pt Danger
Top photo the floating city of the surfers paradise, lower photo Duranbah, a top surf spot
Ikea in Brisbane for some new lamps etc

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Animation fun Butterflies Painting by Chris Hobel

Butterflies Painting
Ive just found how to do this quick animation  of my butterflies as shown  on my last post at  My Poppet
I will try to do one weekly. I have been a bit slack with posting  as you can see

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mouldy Monday and a Spring Flutter Buttterfly Acrylic Daily painting by Chris hobel

Butterfly Acrylic Painting by Chris Hobel
Hope your like my new look blog, I did a bit of tidying up , more to do but its a start. Ive added  a reactions section  at the end of this post so please react if you have taken the time to read this
Last week I found this very informative website which I now follow, very generous, thanks Kerry for taking the time to share so much, here  the link so click on  lots of good tips here 
and take a look. Over the weekend I did some experimenting with masking fluid and applying it with a cotton bud. I also used the cotton bud as a painting tool, a bit tricky at first but it gives a nice free spontaineous feel when done well.

8x8" Spring Flutter

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catching up on blogging,Flower Power Painting by Chris Hobel

Ive just named this flower power, giving away my age here. My blogs are bit random, I seem to go off on so many tangents as its all fun playing with paint. I like to use small 8x8 and 12x12 canvases to try out new techniques  or go back to past passions  arlar flowers which I love.Some recent posts Ive seen and read take me back to the Arts and Crafts movement and Bloomsbery Group.In Play time this week I came up with this, painted with Acrylics, The background was an old Jo Sonjas Potting Shed colour  Stillwater I found cleaning out my paint cupboard and it reminds me of the Shutters on the gorgeous buildings just like this in France
I found  this site by seaching pale green shutters on the net. I think Ill finish and read the blog, looks intersting for a francofile like myself

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Palette Knife Project Writing Commissions

Im busy doing some more instructional palette knife  projects for Fine art and Decorative Painting Magazine so expect to see how I painted these two projects  above Tuscan Vineyard and Joyful Flowers  published  in the next year. I will keep you posted when they are available,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recommended Book on Landscape painting and Drawing Nature

UJK6YSTVUEGW I often borrow books from the library and buy them if I think they will have a future use so Ive decided to mention them in my blog when I think of it. I come across lots of books that are more about showing the artists work than actually explaining how its done or giving some good theory. Currently Im reading "Landscape, A guide to Drawing and Painting Nature" by Richard McDaniel with particularly good sections on composition, design and perspective.
A important quote by Aristotle is very true and quite simple "What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing"
Procrastination is the thing many of us including myself wrestle with in painting, as if its the end of the world if we dont get it right first time. How many driving lessons did we have? How long did it take to learn the alphabet? We are often very tough on ourselves, what is it they say? We are our own worst critic. So get those paints out and have a go. Its not what you paint its how you paint it so dont be too choosey about the subject. Look  for a few objects close on hand. Pick a  random colour, and its complementary colour. Make a few thumbnail sketches  and away you go. Giving yourself a time limit may be useful and dont paint too big

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pineapple on Blue Textured Acrylic Painting 12x12" by Chris Hobel Noosa Artist

Another "on Blue" the third in the series,    the pears,
the oranges  were the first two in the series designed for a kitchen and are now on display at Whitebeach  Peregian. I will show you some of the steps I used in my next blog, must get back to the brushes on such a cool day  

Tea Tree Bay Noosa Heads Australia painting by Chris Hobel My First Print Sale on Fine Art America

I was requested to sell a print of this painting, luckily I had a high res photo taken as it was a special commission painting of an iconic location. I listed it with fineartamerica and it the print is on its way to a new owner. A great way to view and buy art from greeting cards to framed art, Im gradually adding my work to it. Australian buyers may find redbubble better as the freight is much less
I took a trip to Kenilworth today to deliver some new paintings to Affordable on Elizabeth that I had framed for the shop. Toni  the owner is a very friendly person and she has fantastic quirky shop full of Australiana and supports local artisans and art. The famous Kenilworth  art show was also on so I took a look at it and wasnt disappointed as it is always full of top art and well displayed. I did notice that the number displayed was well down on recent years but not the quality. Well done Kenilworth and thank you to the generous volunteer workers who put it on. My classes start again on Monday and Im looking forward to giving a step by step demo of a palette knife tree

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tea Tree Bay Noosa Heads Queensland Print by Chris Hobel Daily painting

Tea Tree Bay Noosa Heads Queensland Prints and cards now available on red bubble and fine art america. 
This  is a famous iconic surfing beach which I walk buy often as Im lucky to live close by
Australian buyers will find red bubble a saving on freight. 
The original was commissioned for a local surfer

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

todays new daily painting "Pears on Blue" 12x12 " acrylic painting on canvas by Chris Hobel daily painting

Ive finished two more 12x12" acrylic fruit paintings  in the blue/ orange complementaries. Painted on textured backgounds with many transparent layers to achieve the finished product. Half the day was spent linking my blog to facebook, and Im not sure if it happened or not hence  all the links on the left side of the page

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Acrylic Painting "Oranges On Blue" 12x12" by Chris Hobel Daily Painting

Just Finished this morning...
Oranges on Blue 12x12"Acrylic on 4cm deep canvas
This is the first of a series Im doing for one of the retailers who stocks my work. I just love painting with orange, particularly the Blue Orange combo. Im showing you how I started
and finished

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Olives", Step by Step instructions in published article in Fine Art and decorative painting Magazine,Painting by Chris Hobel

Olives by Chris Hobel in Fine Art and Decorative painting magazine
Another Publication, two in two weeks thats a record. Its always a surprise to receive a copy in the mail as preparation for copy is up to 12 months in advance. It should be in your newsagants now Vol 18, No 1. This is an easy one with lots of photos and instructions including the sketch
This is why I have been not blogging much recently.....this is a blog I forget to publish a few weeks ago 
"I have not blogged for a while as  Ive been too busy having fun with my family visiting, and celebrating birthdays but now that will come to end tomorrow and it will be back to the paints for another kind of fun. so happy to receive news that 2  of my paintings have sold out at Kenilworth and Ive been invited to have a feature exhibition of my Flowers and pleased as perhaps this may indicate the movement to better times for sunny coast artists. I love to paint flowers but have not done so for some time as sellers have been reluctant to promote them, beauty will win out in the end.

 love this  quote

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.: - Albert Einstein Reply 
With Quote

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Digital marketing, How to paint a tuscan landscape latest publication by Chris Hobel

My Latest How to Publication in 
Fine Art and Decorative Painting Magazine  Vol 17, No 12
How to Paint a Tuscan Landscape with step by step photos  by Chris Hobel
Wow, it has been a log time between posts.
Ive broken my promise to myself and all my loyal followers, so sorry but I will try to not be so slack  in future.
I think its about 3 weeks since my last blog, reminds me of my true confessions but we wont go any further with that. 
As blogging is all about the present I thought I would just write  without too much deep thought as to content and just tell you what Ive been doing today.
The past is not relevent even thought Ive been very busy having fun and happy to say I sold a couple of paintings on my recent  birthday.
My goal is to stay healthy and fit so I can keep doing what I enjoy most, you guessed it painting at my easl and you certainly need to be fit for that so spend a chunk of each day just doing that keeping fit.
I started the day visiting the gym and continued on to Noosa Main beach for a few laps of the beach and home again by 9.30  and off again to the Noosa library for a very interesting seminar on Digital Marketing.
Although it was a promotion for a local business, it also was very useful and educational, adding a  bit more jargon to my repetroire
Being of the  older persuasion I need all the help I can get and enjoy keeping up as I trained as a graphic designer in the pre computer age. I think that is enough rambling. 
Now have to visit the doctor, pick up some paintings and the day will be pretty much over ... hopefully I will squeeze in some painting somewhere later on.

  I have just remembered Ive had a few articles published  recently so enjoy the pics. Talk Soon

Friday, August 20, 2010

European hillside Village Painting 10x14" oil by Chris Hobel

Ive done several versions of this image, I keep being drawn back to it
Oil on hardboard painted entirely with a painting knife 10x14"
To buy a greeting card of this for 4.95$ or a larger print, at fine art america

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Step by Step Painting Poppies and Tuscan remains

See this  earlier blog to see Poppies and tuscan Remains

I made this little  3 step slide show from my windows live photo gallery, really easy so I hope it works here.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Deconstructing or cropping a mixed media painting, abstract painting by Chris Hobel

I  posted the steps to making this painting in a slide show on an earlier blog
Lots of layers, acrylic paint, pencils,pastels.... good fun but it got a bit busy so Ive given it the chop

After looking at it for a while I decided to either reassemble it into a collage or just select bits I liked to make smaller paintings
 I like this one above

and this one above also.... I think its the  PINK
Which ones do you prefer?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

French Lavender 10x14" oil painting, daily painting by Chris Hobel Noosa Artist

I enjojed the journey back to Provence painting this pretty scene. Frence Essence is a blog I follow where I found a beautiful photo for inspiration. It looks almost too perfect.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Original Oil Painting, Poppies and Tuscan Remains, Daily Painting by Chris Hobel

Poppies and Tuscan remains 17x24cms
on loose canvas 
85$US includes freight
click on image to enlarge

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuscan Oil painting,Tuscan Barn, 6x8"daily painting by Chris Hobel

another old barn I photographed on a rambling walk through Tuscany
Tuscan Barn Oil Painting

6x8"on loose canvas
85$ US includes freight
email me to purchase

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tuscan oil painting, daily painting, Abandoned barn by Chris Hobel, Noosa artist

Abandoned Barn, Tuscany
Oil Painting on loose canvas
For Sale 85$US includes freight
email me
click on images to enlarge

Another from my Tuscan series, these buildings are so inspiring to paint conjuring up imaginative stories of times past back beyond comprehension. This is the photo I took to create the painting from, the light was very soft.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glasshouse Mountains Queensland Australia oil Painting, daily painting by Chris Hobel, Noosa artist

Glasshouse Mountains Queensland Australia
Oil Painting, on loose artists canvas
I like the misty atmosphere of this painting, another beautiful place on the sunshine coast Queensland .
This is the view from Mary Cairncross Park at Maleny
To purchase  click on the secure pay pal buy now button
  70$ US includes postage to Australia, New Zealand and USA
other countries please email me

Daily Painting by Chris Hobel, Noosa artist

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montelupciano Vinyard Oil painting, daily painting by Chris Hobel

Montelupciano Vinyard Oil painting, daily painting by Chris Hobel
is a smaller version of an earlier painting
6x7.5" oil painting on loose canvas
click on the
buy now 70$US
pay pal button for secure payment


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