Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mt Coolum Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel daily painter Noosa Heads

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Decided to try a different sky colour from the usual but ended up with a few solutions. The dark green foreground didnt seem right so I bravely added red to give it some more strong colour as in the orange sky. I quite liked it as a painting but it didnt quite look like the bright green sugar cane fields, more like poppy field...not a convincing look in the sub tropics..... I would love to see what you think... which one do you like the best


Ruth Lathlean said...

I think I like the original green one best, although it's hard to assess the other two as the animation moves too fast. The idea of the green lines on the cane is fine but too dark. As you say the red is not really right for sugar cane. I love the sky colour though.

chris hobel said...

I think I may work on this one some more


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