Monday, November 15, 2010

Some hints for Professional photos of paintings and latest Tuscan Village painting Chris Hobel Daily painting

Painting 24x36" Tuscan Village  Oil Painting
Unfinshed photo1 and top photo  what Im up to so far. I ve been working on another tuscan village scene, much larger than any others Ive  done of this type of thingThe large expanse of green is a bit daunting especially the right hand foreground.I like it now but it is a bit unfinshed. The perennial problem.. knowing when to stop. It is not the focal point so I need to be careful not to overdo the detail here. Im not happy with the road leading into the houses on the right. I think it will have to go

My promise to blog more often has been hijacked by family stuff. My head feels like cotton wool ie no logic and my stomach has a migraine, not a good combination. Hopefully the fog will clear soon
My butterfly movie  was fun to do, although I have already forgotten how to do it. Currently Im learning photoshop at U3A Noosa. Im really enjoying it but it means less time for painting and blogging.
The fine art international site is fun as Ive sold a couple of prints on it. The problem is you need really professional photos taken for them to be able to print  from them. I will need a new camera at least 8 megapixels, a tripod , outdoor even light, and the ability to hang your painting flat. Not sure if its worth it for a few dollars profit. I will need to sell a lot of prints.
This week a quick trip to the gold coast Qld Australia airport ( all the cheap overseas flights go from there) to send off my baby for a 2year adventure,
breakfast at Cooloongatta and  some great shots were taken at Pt Danger
Top photo the floating city of the surfers paradise, lower photo Duranbah, a top surf spot
Ikea in Brisbane for some new lamps etc

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