Monday, May 31, 2010

Original Oil Painting Iconic Italian Village with Roses and Terracotta Pot by Award winning Australian Artist Chris Hobel

After a funtrip away to coastal Coffs Harbour NSW Australia meeting up with a childhood friend,
Ive returned to beautiful winter weather inspired to  paint some smallish 
Tuscan and French village countryside scenes in oil on hardwood boards I found at a local op shop.
The painting measures 10x14 inches and I painted it mostly in an impressionist style but the pot and flower on the wall are more realistic.
I used flat bristle brushes and Archival Oils by Chroma I particularly love the fast drying white and smooth gel medium
This painting is a for sale 
" Tuscan Memory"by Chris Hobel
80$ US includes postage
Pay securely using Pay Pal by Clicking the Buy Now Button

Monday, May 10, 2010

Abstract Mixed Media experiment slide show

Ive used Picasa to make this slide show, it has turned out a bit small, but it does work.. yippy. I would make it a bit bigger next time .. thats if I can remember how!

slide show mixed media on paper

See the  Step by step process for painting the  image below
Click on the picture at right to take you to the picasa slide show.
                           Final image is directly to the right of the screen
Then go to the slide show icon on the left top side of the page to take you to the full page view on the picassa slide show page

This is when I decided to stop playing!

Magnifient mums mixed media large flower painting on paper by Australlian artist Chris Hobel

Magnificient Mums mixed Media Painting 
Step1,drawing with 4b pencil, oil pastels, water soluble pastels on A2 cartridge paperMagnificient  Mums Mixed Media Painting
step 2 I added a damp brush to blend some of the colours, I painted over the whole painting with Atelier binding medium to seal any water soluble areas I wanted to protect from future layers, it allows me to paint thick white paint over the mums without any bleeding. I then added more washes and pastel
The Close up allows you to see how much loose drawing I did. I really enjoy this style of working which I first did many years ago before I did any real structured  art study.

When is a drawing a painting? When is a painting a drawing? I would love to read your comments

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy Patchwork Painting

After a year of blogging I was amazed at the followers I have , optimising search engines is something I try to do occassionally but my limited knowledge stifles me after a few hours. What is it all about painting or blogging? It is sometimes hard to find enough time for both.With the weather cooling Im more motivated to paint as well as indulge in a little patchwork. This week my crazy patchwork carried over into my painting /drawing where I did go a bit overboard but did have fun with coloured pencils,oil pastels, water pastels, acrylic paint , graphite on cartridge paper
I have to share my photo of a recent sand crab catch with gorgeous colours,  the chili crab that followed was gorgeous too


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