Saturday, October 30, 2010

Animation fun Butterflies Painting by Chris Hobel

Butterflies Painting
Ive just found how to do this quick animation  of my butterflies as shown  on my last post at  My Poppet
I will try to do one weekly. I have been a bit slack with posting  as you can see

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mouldy Monday and a Spring Flutter Buttterfly Acrylic Daily painting by Chris hobel

Butterfly Acrylic Painting by Chris Hobel
Hope your like my new look blog, I did a bit of tidying up , more to do but its a start. Ive added  a reactions section  at the end of this post so please react if you have taken the time to read this
Last week I found this very informative website which I now follow, very generous, thanks Kerry for taking the time to share so much, here  the link so click on  lots of good tips here 
and take a look. Over the weekend I did some experimenting with masking fluid and applying it with a cotton bud. I also used the cotton bud as a painting tool, a bit tricky at first but it gives a nice free spontaineous feel when done well.

8x8" Spring Flutter

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catching up on blogging,Flower Power Painting by Chris Hobel

Ive just named this flower power, giving away my age here. My blogs are bit random, I seem to go off on so many tangents as its all fun playing with paint. I like to use small 8x8 and 12x12 canvases to try out new techniques  or go back to past passions  arlar flowers which I love.Some recent posts Ive seen and read take me back to the Arts and Crafts movement and Bloomsbery Group.In Play time this week I came up with this, painted with Acrylics, The background was an old Jo Sonjas Potting Shed colour  Stillwater I found cleaning out my paint cupboard and it reminds me of the Shutters on the gorgeous buildings just like this in France
I found  this site by seaching pale green shutters on the net. I think Ill finish and read the blog, looks intersting for a francofile like myself

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Palette Knife Project Writing Commissions

Im busy doing some more instructional palette knife  projects for Fine art and Decorative Painting Magazine so expect to see how I painted these two projects  above Tuscan Vineyard and Joyful Flowers  published  in the next year. I will keep you posted when they are available,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recommended Book on Landscape painting and Drawing Nature

UJK6YSTVUEGW I often borrow books from the library and buy them if I think they will have a future use so Ive decided to mention them in my blog when I think of it. I come across lots of books that are more about showing the artists work than actually explaining how its done or giving some good theory. Currently Im reading "Landscape, A guide to Drawing and Painting Nature" by Richard McDaniel with particularly good sections on composition, design and perspective.
A important quote by Aristotle is very true and quite simple "What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing"
Procrastination is the thing many of us including myself wrestle with in painting, as if its the end of the world if we dont get it right first time. How many driving lessons did we have? How long did it take to learn the alphabet? We are often very tough on ourselves, what is it they say? We are our own worst critic. So get those paints out and have a go. Its not what you paint its how you paint it so dont be too choosey about the subject. Look  for a few objects close on hand. Pick a  random colour, and its complementary colour. Make a few thumbnail sketches  and away you go. Giving yourself a time limit may be useful and dont paint too big

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pineapple on Blue Textured Acrylic Painting 12x12" by Chris Hobel Noosa Artist

Another "on Blue" the third in the series,    the pears,
the oranges  were the first two in the series designed for a kitchen and are now on display at Whitebeach  Peregian. I will show you some of the steps I used in my next blog, must get back to the brushes on such a cool day  

Tea Tree Bay Noosa Heads Australia painting by Chris Hobel My First Print Sale on Fine Art America

I was requested to sell a print of this painting, luckily I had a high res photo taken as it was a special commission painting of an iconic location. I listed it with fineartamerica and it the print is on its way to a new owner. A great way to view and buy art from greeting cards to framed art, Im gradually adding my work to it. Australian buyers may find redbubble better as the freight is much less
I took a trip to Kenilworth today to deliver some new paintings to Affordable on Elizabeth that I had framed for the shop. Toni  the owner is a very friendly person and she has fantastic quirky shop full of Australiana and supports local artisans and art. The famous Kenilworth  art show was also on so I took a look at it and wasnt disappointed as it is always full of top art and well displayed. I did notice that the number displayed was well down on recent years but not the quality. Well done Kenilworth and thank you to the generous volunteer workers who put it on. My classes start again on Monday and Im looking forward to giving a step by step demo of a palette knife tree


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