Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Completed Collages by Chris Hobel

8x10" collage paintings

Collages completed (sold)
Here are the 2 of 4 finished pieces Ive now put up for sale on ebay. Over the next few blogs I will continue to explain the process to complete them. Luv to read some comments

How to make a collage painting step 2

A larger scrap of oil painting is added

Paint over a coat of gel medium and add more contrasting strips

How to Make a collage painting Step 2
So many choices to make, but you need to just get on with it and let your intuition take over at least at the beginning of the process. After the base is set up , you are faced with some visual problems to solve and that is what makes it fun. Check back for the next exciting episode...

How to make a collage painting step 1

Collection of strips ripped monoprints for step 2

Make sure air bubbles are removed by rolling with a brayer

Collage Journey or how to make a collage painting. Step 1

Last night I spread my wings and became a member of two great painting blogs, with links in the left column. Take a look after you read this blog. Ive been thinking about using my painting scrap paper to do a collage for some time . I used some off cuts of illustration board as the base and glued on some base monoprints using Atelier Gel Medium .I continued to rip up some more prints Id made


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