Friday, June 11, 2010

French Village Oil Painting Step 5 and 6 by Chris Hobel

Still more adjustments are made , sometimes you find you need to go back and put back what you remove and visa versa. Painting is continually adjusting your tones.

 More changes to the shape  of the foreground trees and the front roofs and adjustments to the windows.... its time to stop..... Ive signed it 

This painting is for sale , 
10x14inches unframed on hardboaard
85$ US includes post and handling
contact me if you would like to buy

French Village Oil Painting Step 4 by Chris Hobel

Daily Painting  by Chris Hobel
Are we there yet, not quite, still  few more steps until Im happy to call it quits
Green greys are added to the distant trees and more details added to windows, there is so much to see... do we see too much.?


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