Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Latest Sale Noosa Sunset Acrylic Painting
 This painting was sold at my U3A display at Noosa, the owners home was named " Noosa Sunset" so it was most appropriate. The time has passed quickly in the few weeks since our return from Turkey. After catching up on two years of travel news  Number 2 son is settled back living in Brisbane ,on the tread mill of working 12 hour days after  fun and frivolity travelling the globe. Im sure it wont be long before he is off trekking  again.
My other excuse for no new paintings is surfing the net planning and booking another trip in the new year to Central Europe. The work is just about complete and I can now think about getting involved with new paintings.

Can you smell my French Yogurt Lemon cake,? It should be ready for afternoon tea. This is the second time Ive made it so hope it is just as good this time.
Its time to try out the cake....yum


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