Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rainbow Valley Australia, acrylic painting abstracted landscape by Daily painter Chris Hobel another step towards the finish line

Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory Australia
Acrylic Painting with texture by Chris Hobel 
I managed to get an interesting long walk  in this mornning on the beach with my trusty umbrella in tow, it was well used  I might say.
As the weather is quite warm the beach  was busy on this public holiday and  a little  rain makes it more fun.  Not so fun now as is bucketing down.
Good painting weather  so I got a few hours work in this afternoon
. I often like my paintings very early on and should have someone there to say ... thats good, leave it.
I feel a painting needs a certain amount of time to be worthy of selling. How crazy is that. I must get over it. These are pretty rough photos as  I had to stand above on a chair for the last one as it was wet on the base.

This is the  almost finished one, I think I like the darker mood on the top picture. I always find the foreground the most difficult in a landscape. What do you think?

Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory Acrylic Painting by daily painter Chris Hobel, Noosa Artist

Rainbow Valley Painting first steps by Chris Hobel
Today I worked on a commission 24x36" of Rainbow Valley  Northern Territory Australia.... Ive made some progress its on its way but I still need to do the foreground.  I sold the original painting of Rainbow Valley recently  but another client wants a similiar painting. As it was painted several years ago, it will be interesting to see the change in style I made. Its done mainly with the palette knife with acrylics on a backgound of modelling paste, my latest thing.   
Ive made a slide show of my progress but it still is not complete so check again soon for the final installment. The rain continues after a small repreive for christmas day but at least it remains coolish...good painting weather. 
We had a  yummy christmas  seafood lunch   of Sydney Rock Oysters, Queensland King Prawns, Caesar salad , Potato salad and ice cream cake.............what did you have ?

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