Friday, March 16, 2012

Field of Light Palette Knife daily painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Field of Light Palette Knife 
Daily Painting 
by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel
8x10" oil painting

Lavender Fields of Provence Oil Painting by Noosa Artist Christ Hobel

Lavender Fields of Provence  
Palette Knife Oil Painting  on  deep sided stretched canvas 
ready to hang 8x10"
 by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel
Im working on several French themed paintings,
........ cant seem to get those beautiful shutters out of my head.
Following a number of francofile blogs only encourages me
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another French Street Oil Painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Another French Street Oil Painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel 8x10"

I love this quote as it sums up how I feel about painting. The feeling that the learning process just doesnt end. At least one  painting hero felt the same way
“Painting is very easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”
Edgar Degas
My latest small  oil painting is called "Another French street" for want of another name, would appreciate someting more quirky form any witty readers.
It is 8x10" in oils.Lots to challenge, the perspective, scattered light, simplifying all those bits.I would like to be able to keep the fresh colour of the first step in the painting, It seems to have been lost in the final more finsihed painting at the top. Overuse of white seems to do this, ie deaden  the colour. Its is good to leave the warm transparent shadows untainted. Something I will try to do next time!
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