Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory Acrylic Painting by daily painter Chris Hobel, Noosa Artist

Rainbow Valley Painting first steps by Chris Hobel
Today I worked on a commission 24x36" of Rainbow Valley  Northern Territory Australia.... Ive made some progress its on its way but I still need to do the foreground.  I sold the original painting of Rainbow Valley recently  but another client wants a similiar painting. As it was painted several years ago, it will be interesting to see the change in style I made. Its done mainly with the palette knife with acrylics on a backgound of modelling paste, my latest thing.   
Ive made a slide show of my progress but it still is not complete so check again soon for the final installment. The rain continues after a small repreive for christmas day but at least it remains coolish...good painting weather. 
We had a  yummy christmas  seafood lunch   of Sydney Rock Oysters, Queensland King Prawns, Caesar salad , Potato salad and ice cream cake.............what did you have ?

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