Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Digital marketing, How to paint a tuscan landscape latest publication by Chris Hobel

My Latest How to Publication in 
Fine Art and Decorative Painting Magazine  Vol 17, No 12
How to Paint a Tuscan Landscape with step by step photos  by Chris Hobel
Wow, it has been a log time between posts.
Ive broken my promise to myself and all my loyal followers, so sorry but I will try to not be so slack  in future.
I think its about 3 weeks since my last blog, reminds me of my true confessions but we wont go any further with that. 
As blogging is all about the present I thought I would just write  without too much deep thought as to content and just tell you what Ive been doing today.
The past is not relevent even thought Ive been very busy having fun and happy to say I sold a couple of paintings on my recent  birthday.
My goal is to stay healthy and fit so I can keep doing what I enjoy most, you guessed it painting at my easl and you certainly need to be fit for that so spend a chunk of each day just doing that keeping fit.
I started the day visiting the gym and continued on to Noosa Main beach for a few laps of the beach and home again by 9.30  and off again to the Noosa library for a very interesting seminar on Digital Marketing.
Although it was a promotion for a local business, it also was very useful and educational, adding a  bit more jargon to my repetroire
Being of the  older persuasion I need all the help I can get and enjoy keeping up as I trained as a graphic designer in the pre computer age. I think that is enough rambling. 
Now have to visit the doctor, pick up some paintings and the day will be pretty much over ... hopefully I will squeeze in some painting somewhere later on.

  I have just remembered Ive had a few articles published  recently so enjoy the pics. Talk Soon


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