Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Tuscan Village Painting Original on Canvas, Painting and Mixed Media by Chris Hobel,Step by Step painting,Oil and acrylic Painting

Step By Step Painting 6x6 inches
This small  palette knife acrylic painting  went through many steps to reach its final
Small paintings are really good way to face problems and solve them in a short time, after all this is the fun part of painting, the obstacles we put up for ourselves dont you agree?
Take time to consider the composition you have before jumpimg in to finish it and then decide to change the size of the roof as I later did with this one. Being a small painting it was relatively easy to do but could be quite a drama on a full size canvas. This is similiar to an earlier posting but the foreground and backgound are a bit different
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8x8inch original tuscan village scene on loose canvas
If you would like to see the steps to compete this painting please comment


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