Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Floral Abundance Flower painting by Chris Hobel

Photo reference poppies

Todays new art, floral abundance flower painting
for sale 400$ US includes international freight and insurance

measures 61x76 cm.I painted this in heavy body Atelier acrylics from a series of photos shown above taken at the flower markets in Sydney a few years ago.
I just love the explosion of colour. Complementary colours are used to full advantage, red/ green, yellow /purple, orange/ blue. I sketched in the rough design with a chalk pencil, painted in the main flowers and completed the painting
Painting Tips
I never use pencil as it smears and is difficult to remove. In this case I would use skintone pastel pencil which blends with the colours of the painting ,it can be rubbed off easily with a clean damp brush. To remove Pencil marks add a little eucalytus oil on a clean cloth and rub gently, it also smells lovely

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