Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today's Painting

"Almost Home" Original Chris Hobel Australian Artist
61X76cms (sold)

I painted the background using large house painting brushes in Atelier Acrylics about a year ago so I thought it a good time to finish it and I needed to clean up my studio for winter.

What winter? Ive just come back from a gorgeous swim in 24degree c water at Sunrise Beach, it has been a long time coming after the cyclonic weather and lows off the coast for way too long.

I'm really happy with the perspective in the painting with loneliness of the single dead tree toward the foreground with the silhouette like figure of a person and their loyal canine, heading home to the distant pub named Einsleigh in outback Queensland Australia...hope you like it. I love the warm yellow Atelier makes called Red Gold it is vivid and transparent. This painting makes you think about a nice warm place with winter winds picking up

My user name is chrishobel. Please check my wonderful comments from satisfied buyers on the ebay site. Until next time have fun with your paints


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