Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Learn to paint Cuddly Koalas By Chris Hobel latest published article

Paint Cuddly Koalas by Chris Hobel using Jo Sonja Acrylics. Detailed instructions are in the latest Fine Art and Decorative Painting Magazine Vol 16 #7

Koalas are cute Australian marsupials that live in trees and also are becoming rare. They still roam around the area where I live but are seen less frequently due to car accidents taking their lives. They are not bears. During very hot conditions they are willing to make friends inorder to get water as was the case this summer in Southern Australia

Monday, June 22, 2009

Seascape Painting Noosa Heads by Chris Hobel

Seascape Painting by Chris Hobel

close ups on left side

New painting

Main Beach, Noosa Heads, Queensland- Daily Painting by Chris Hobel

Before and After Painting.

Sometimes I decide to alter a finished painting a year or so after completion.I was not happy with the colour of the ocean or sky, so Ive made a few changes and also added some human interest. I would love to hear your comments
Which Painting do you prefer?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Colourful Textured Abstract painting by Chris Hobel

Colourful Textured Abstract Painting by Chris Hobel
61x76 cms (sold)
I used lots of modelling compound and multiple paint layers to create this contemporary painting

Friday, June 5, 2009

Magnolia painting By Chris Hobel

The painting of the magnolia was done a few years ago, I completed quite a few over that time, and sold them all, but flowers are not what the galleries want around where I Live , abstract and very large paintings up to 3 or more metres in size are the go. I love to paint flowers but they dont pay the bills, so if you do love flowers, email me, Im happy to accomodate.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Steps to make a collage painting

7x9inches collages

Small collage paintings , todays paintings (all now sold )
These are the 2 final paintings currently for sale on ebay, very low reserve price. There are four in total as shown in an earlier post.

More Steps to complete a collage painting

I decided to crop the single painting into 4 smaller collages
How to paint a collage Part by 3 Chris Hobel

close up of of scraffito technique

How to make a collage painting part 3 by Chris Hobel
blue and red paint plus some oil pastel pears are added

White paint is added above the pears in the final painting as I thought it looked too dark. I scratched back the white paint to show some darker pastel underneath, it gives an interesting texture

How to make a collage painting

How to make a collage painting part 2
Scroll down for the start
Some neutrals are added to the top and bottom

Here Ive added some opaque white and some black ink shapes for contrast, also a piece of paper bark in right bottom area. Idiluted some of the black for some grey tones

Ive chosen mostly blues and greens to keep some harmony going plus the complementary red orange

Decisions , there are so many choices, its best to just do it and as you progress you have to think more about the composition and colour selection. I used the brayer roller to remove air bubbles and painted the base and top with gell medium for each layer

How to make a collage Painting Part 2 Chris Hobel Artist


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