Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recommended Book on Landscape painting and Drawing Nature

UJK6YSTVUEGW I often borrow books from the library and buy them if I think they will have a future use so Ive decided to mention them in my blog when I think of it. I come across lots of books that are more about showing the artists work than actually explaining how its done or giving some good theory. Currently Im reading "Landscape, A guide to Drawing and Painting Nature" by Richard McDaniel with particularly good sections on composition, design and perspective.
A important quote by Aristotle is very true and quite simple "What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing"
Procrastination is the thing many of us including myself wrestle with in painting, as if its the end of the world if we dont get it right first time. How many driving lessons did we have? How long did it take to learn the alphabet? We are often very tough on ourselves, what is it they say? We are our own worst critic. So get those paints out and have a go. Its not what you paint its how you paint it so dont be too choosey about the subject. Look  for a few objects close on hand. Pick a  random colour, and its complementary colour. Make a few thumbnail sketches  and away you go. Giving yourself a time limit may be useful and dont paint too big

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