Thursday, February 17, 2011

back to Colley at Kenilworth by Chris Hobel

I rarely attend workshops but the Whisson family are almost icons in Queensland Painting as most of the family carry on the tradition of Australian Impressionsim. Ive attended Workshops with both Todd and Colley, Eric the dad is a bit more low key, but he certainly inspired his children. I found my children were not that keen to learn from me but have turned out to be very interested in art and do the odd canvas themselves. The  principal of the school purchased my sons painting at the end of year 12 but he is now an electrician.... a safe job but at present he in the remote parts of Cambodia so who knows what the future may bring. Today I didnt fit in any painting as I had to catch dinner, a few bream in the Noosa  River, always an inspiration for another days painting.

Back to the workshop... I enjoyed watching Colleys adept brush strokes.... all very big brush and big shapes until the very end of the painting. A good workshop to do if you want to break free of detail... who doesnt fit into that category


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