Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Painting Class Reminder

...At my recent exhibition
Classes commence  again soon so please visit  Painting Class if you would like more details

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ebay sale now Butterfly Mixed Media Painting Step by Step Artist Chris Hobel

But it now on ebay $120 free post

Butterfly Mixed Media Painting Artist Chris Hobel 8x8" on box canvas
for sale
Some paintings seem to take a long time to complete even years, this was one such evolution. Its good to step back  both physically and mentally from a painting for as long as it takes. Photographing the stages in a painting  is a good learning tool. Often we continue on too long because we are just enjoying the process of painting. The time to stop can be after a few deft strokes, sometimes luck, sometimes genius, I guess the art critics and history make that judgement.
Step 1 Washy Acrylic and Black Ink
Whether to paint over a painting and stsart again or to persist and use it as an experimental piece to try someting new... in this case I just kept on. Here are few shots of the journey
 Step 2 Addition of ripped paper mono print found in my stash

Step 3 More washy blue/purple. Transparent washy white painted over the print and graphics, more white lines for contrast and addition of more black graphics.
The final painting at the top has more opaque white lines added

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out of the Forest acrylic and ink painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Out of the Forest 8x8
acrylic and ink painting on Canvas by Chris Hobel

Prints are Available from my website art prints from $22 and greeting cards from $4.25
Contact me  for sale of the original
 Painting Technique
I used  a water colour resist medium, masking fluid  with a fine bush to  create the "white areas" followed by washy  transparent  acrylic layers with a large brush.After I removed the final resist layer  I  added thick and thin hard edge  ink lines with a fine brush.This is a fun technique to try.


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