Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tropical Paradise Palette Knife Painting By Daily Painter Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

New Years Resolution to blog more frequently starts right now. Im still into colour  texture and palette knife painting. I finished this one before Christmas , love the colours, a reflection if my  subtropical garden. Its for sale  as well as priints on Fine Art America. I painted it from the computer monitor, colours are much better
I blocked in the background colours with a brush to eliminate white spots showing through, prior to using the palette knife. The composition had to be modified as it looked too cluttered once the thick paint was added.
The fronds seem to be dancing or chatting in the breeze

Tropical Paradise Palette Knife Painting  Acrylic on Hardboard
 For Sale $100
Contact me     for more information and to buy securely with Pay Pal

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Queensland Mango Tree at Belli Park Oil Painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Queensland Mango Tree at Belli Park  Photo In the Early Morning
This is a photo taken in the winter that Ive used for reference in the following  painting. Mango trees have very bright green leaves and are found throughout coastal Queensland  commonly fruiting in Summer, so yummy
The painting is 6x8" oils. 
This is the first stage under painting
Here is the finished painting on  deep sided canvas
email me to purchase
Prints available at Fine Art America

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hidden Corner oil painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

I  just added my 6x8" oil the  to Daily Paintworks Challenge 
to view the photo it was created from and other entries go this link

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunrise Beach Queensland Australia Photo Mosaic by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

This cool Mosaic is made with Big Huge Labs Mosaic maker. I followed the instructions on a good blog    called little red school house which has great photos I follow. You need to have a flikr account  and be patient. As I said on my previous post, I have plenty of time to do this with my feet up. All these photos were taken by myself in my local area.  The centre one is  Sunrise  at Sunrise taken a few months back.Very inspiring, now you know Why I love where I live. Ive just spotted one of my paintings up there, here is a link to an earlier post showing it, see if you can guess which one/ones?
Please pretty please add a comment

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reading "Alla Prima Everything I know about painting" Richard Schmid

Currently Im reading "Alla Prima", by Richard Schmid american artist

a truly sought after book which Im enjoying reading.
Having reserved it from the library some time ago, luckily it became available just at the right time for me as Im recovering from Knee surgery which has put painting into the theory mode.
It is not often that one can find an artist/teacher who can verbalise the painters thoughts. 
Many of us are essentially self taught painters and it is good to come across someone that can authenticate your personal discoveries. Many students come to me  with rigid beliefs about such things as colour theory and rules for this and that , blindly accepting that it is right because the teacher said it was. Richard writes his book in a humble manner, telling us what works for him  in a common sense way There are many marvellous words in his book but I will settle with these with reference to colour

"We must see the relationship between colours as the relative visual warmth or coldness of colours to one another in a complex visual field of many colours. The question to be asked in all cases is not what colour something is, but rather what colour it is compared to all others around it" Richard Schmid
For a sample of his delicate brush marking skills take a look at this video

Friday, September 30, 2011

Italian Palette Knife Oil Painting Step 4 Final by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Italian Village  Palette knfe painting 30x40cm on box canvas
Colours have been corrected here, a very colourful painting, more lavendar shadows and lightest lights  to finish off
Available for sale
email for details

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Italian village Palette Knife Painting Step 3 by Chris Hobel

A little more progress in the foreground trees, sorry this should be seen after Step 2!

Italian Village Palette Knife Painting Step 2 by Chris Hobel

The colours are a  bit warmer than the photo, Ive blocked in the main values, the foreground will be quite strong and be the focal point. Step 3 will be in the next blog tomorrow

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Italian Village Palette Knife Painting Step 1 by Chris Hobel

I roughed in the design with an acrylic wash  before starting the palette knife in oil. The inspiration is from a photo I took somewhere in Tuscany Italy
Step 2  will be in the next blog

French Cafe Scene Avignon Palette Knife Painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

12x12" oil on wrapped canvas
Ive added more highlights and used some Red Gold plus White for this.A Lover of colour, Ive pushed the brights. My new camera  is 14 mega pixels but I preferred the colour from my old camera, this one seems to burn out the lights and I have to  do extra processing to try to portray the real thing.
Not a single brush stroke except for the signature

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

French Cafe Scene Avignon Palette Knife Oil painting Step 3 by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Notice Ive added more tree detail, 
and highlights along with the foregound, 
more colour
.Its getting quite thick now so 
I will leave it for a while and work on another painting.
See the previous two posts for earlier steps

Monday, September 26, 2011

French Cafe Scene Avignon Palette Knife Oil Painting Step 2 by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Window details ,
I find these a challenge with the palette knife but with more practice, Im sure Ill find a short cut. See the previous post for step 1.
The lights will be coming soon!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

French Cafe Scene Avignon Palette Knife Oil Painting Step 1 Noosa artist Chris Hobel

French Cafe Scene by Chris Hobel
Palette Knife Oil Painting
Step 1
I painted a terracotta underpainting in acrylic, 12x12inch box  canvas.
A bit of a challenge with so may bits of colour and using just the palette knife. I love not washing brushes and with my painful knee, Im doing as little work as possible.( agood excuse I guess) Each  step is a separate post.
Colours I tend to use are French Ultramarine, Cad Red, Crimson, in this one Thalo Blue for shutters, Yellow Oxide, Cad Yellow,White, Veridian, Burnt Umber
next step  will be on the next blog
until then 
au revoir

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Australian Birds, more visitors Noosa Heads Black Cockatoo

On my coffee and painting break I heard the raucous sound of this noisy large beautiful bird generally difficult to spot as its so well camouflaged.
Its a Black Cockatoo with yellow touches on head and tail. I dont know the exaxct name, but is not a glossy.
That huge beak cracks open the hardest of banksia fruits and is a pleasure to watch

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Noosa Spring garden visitors by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

Down the Garden Path
Inspiration is easy to come by at this time of year with many  Australian native plants in full bloom, I never tire of the  my garden view. Currently working on a few palette knife paintings, french and italian inspired not quite there yet . They need to dry a bit to continue
Birds are in abundance in my garden,
A Kookaburra, eyes peeled for a feed
always welcome

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hot Pink Summer Mixed Media Abstract Painting by Noosa Artist Chris Hobel

This one matches my previous post,
its 8x8" mounted on a box canvas

it is a selection from the above larger mixed media painting
Here is the first step of the painting

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mixed Media Abstract by Noosa artist Chris Hobel

Mixed Media abstract  8x8"
mounted on box canvas ,created  on paper  using acrylic, pencil pastels,lots of layering
It looks a bit whitish on the top right side due to shine from the varnish.
The cut this section from a larger painting. I particularly like the colour combination

I saved this thoughtful  passage recently and had to pass it on

"To live content with small means; 
to seek elegance rather than luxury, 
and refinement rather than fashion, 
to be worthy, not respectable, 
and wealthy, not rich; 
to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly,
 to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart, 
to bear all cheerfully, 
to all bravely await occasions, 
hurry never. 
In a word, to let the spiritual unbidden and unconscious 
grow up through the common. 
This is to be my symphony." 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greece or Noosa, is there a choice, noosa artist Chris Hobel

Dreaming of Turkish Eggplants 
Acryic on Canvas 12x12"

Today I should be sailing to Santorini on an enormous ferry, thats  according to the plan but fishing the noosa river is not so bad. A beautiful day even with  a bit of knee pain that caught me out just a week before departure date for an amazing trip to Greece and Turkey we had planned on the net for over three months..... That has been my excuse for not blogging  or painting much. Never mind, I feel as though Ive been there already after all the travel blogs, trip advisor sites etc.So lucky it happened at home and not walking the Lycien Way in Turkey or climbing the stairs of the Acropolis. Hopefully a bit of knee surgery sooner than later I hope will have me up and about enjoying the great outdoors. Negotiating  the stairs to the studio needs some motivation so dont expect lots of new paintings for a while.
I painted this one on a black gesso background with sand mixed into it. I had forgotten what I wanted to paint on the is surface so I picked a simple eggplant motif. Nice and colourful. It is acrylic on canvas 12x12"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rainbow Valley Northern Territory Australia Acrylic Painting by Chris Hobel Noosa Artist

Mt Connor After the rain
Acrylic  on Canvas
Original For Sale

Its been a long time since my last blog... too busy to post , not a good reason but best I can think of

Ive painted  quite a few versions of the above image , my love of purple and  rust draws be back . It was painted very quickly in order to get it to a gallery but life got in the way and it still sits on my living room wall waiting for a new home. Contact me if you would like to purchase

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another French Village Oil Painting by Noosa artist Chris Hobel daily painting

Another French Village 8x8" oil  by Chris Hobel
A painting I did recently and forget to show you,
Feeling comfortable  modifying a scene to suit your needs sometimes take a while for an artist to learn. Maybe it is that we think we are not being truthful, that we are in some way being a fraud.Overcoming  these feelings can take some time.When it happens it is very liberating. In this painting I added the flowers in the foreground to enhance the dream

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Red Roses Oil Painting by Noosa artist Chris Hobel daily Painter

This  one began as a means to use up some left over paint and gradually  became a favourite subject which I never tire of painting. It is 8x8" on gallery stretched canvas

Friday, May 6, 2011

Warm Sky Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Noosa Art

Warm Sky 8x8" oil by Chris Hobel
painted in oil on box canvas. currently on view  and for Sale at affordable on Elizabeth
Noosa Art and Flower Market is on for the second time tomorrow at the Bicentennial Hall Sunshine Beach Q. Ive been busy today making tags, lists, packing paintings etc. If you are on the Sunny Coast please come along and support local artists

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lions Head Sunshine Beach Qld Acrylic painting by Daily Painter Chris Hobel

8x8" Palette Knife Acrylic painting of Sunshine Beach looking towards Lions Head  and the Noosa National Park
My regular beach walk haunt, you can see why. This is a textured acrylic painting done entirely with the palette knife, always alot of fun, email me to purchase

Monday, May 2, 2011

Morning Cooroy Mountain View Oil painting Daily painting by Chris Hobel

Cooroy Mountain Morning View 8x8" 
oil painting ondeep sided archival canvas and paints
On a early morning bush walk  recently I photgraphed this scene. The light filtering through the trees was perfect and lovely tree shadows as well took my eye
email me to purchase

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another wave painting, daily painting by Noosa artist Chris Hobel

Acrylic Beach Breakers Painting 8x8"
Iconic Beach scene  close to where I live. I really love to paint waves, the colour movement and ever changing light constantly create new challenges. I painted this one in acrylic
email me if you would like to buy, international buyers welcome. Prints  and greeting cards of this image are also available

Saturday, April 30, 2011

French Street Oil Painting, Daily Painting by Chris Hobel

What i love about oils                  8x8" French Street scene
This week Ive been painting more, I think its the cooler weather plus Ive been  thinking about the  beautiful  old romantic street scenes of italy and france, here is one of them........
Ive been using my box of 8x8" canvases. I just uploaded it on FAA to sell as a print also.  More and more Im enjoying painting with oil rather than acrylic, I just like the feel of them and the flexibility and a big plus is that they dry slowly and dont change colour
 Purchase details

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oil Painting View from Cooroy Mountain by Chris Hobel

Oil Painting View from Cooroy Mountain by Chris Hobel
8x10 inches oil on stretched canvas
I painted this from a photo taken on a recent morning walk up Cooroy Mountain, the home of Cooroy Spring water. Pretty pleased with the result. This painting is currently for sale at Affordable on Elizabeth Kenilworth

A good painting day

I love colour and have just stumbled upon a wonderful abstract landscape American colourist Wolf Kahn,
The best thing to do today is paint, windy rainy and cool... I love the cool part after a long summer . Back into the palette knife mode and thick paint,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Archibald Prize Winner Ben Quilty

I really like this portrait by Ben Quilty

Friday, April 22, 2011

Noosa flower and art market

at the Bicentennial hall, Sunrise beach, off ben lexen Drive,  come and support local art.
This is a great opportunity to puchase  some great art at really low prices.
The first of many great art markets
Noosa Main beach
will be for sale tomorrow
please come and visit

The food and wine festival this Easter weekend at Kenilworth should also be alot of  fun.
There are some really unique shops popping up in this Sunshine Coast hinterland town.
I do have my more traditional works at Affordable on Elizabeth  a really eclectic mix,you  could find yourself spending hours fossicking the many nooks and crannys ... no franchises here,  and I discovered  another cool clothing and accessory store at Johanna Designs, local handmades and beautifully presented

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Noosa's Art and Flower Market , Easter Saturday Bicentenial Hall , Sunshine Beach Queensland

Easter Saturday is the inaugral Noosa Art and Flower Market
April 23 , 8am-4.30pm at the Bicentennial Hall, Bicentennial Drive,
Sunshine Beach Queensland Australia 

featuring Arts in Full Bloom Its a jewel box of flowers and paintings.

Each monthly market will showcase a particular artist.

At least 22 artists have  their work on display for this inaugural event.

Noosa is a haven for creativity and artists have been waiting for some time to have such  a brilliant venue to exhibit their art.All forms of artwork- painting, sculpture,glassware, pottery and ceramics will be on display.

Come along and support us and hopefully this event will become a permanent market with the support of locals and vistors to this beautiful area which I call home

I plan to have a selection of my beach themed paintings on display

Noosa Main Beach  8x8" 
Acrylic Palette knife painting will be on display for sale

Saturday, April 2, 2011

landscape painting video to view

 Lots of great oil techniques to try here.... enjoy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Latest feature in Fine Art and Decorative Painting Magazine

Im very happy to see my latest  instructional feature in Fine art and Decorative Painting magazine on sale in 
newsagents  Mid April 2011, Vol 18,#6 and subscription. A series of written instructions and step by step photos are included
Tuscan Vineyard Palette Knife Painting in oils

  the framed original is available to view and purchase at
Affordable on Elizabeth, 
Kenilworth Queensland
(opposite the  Cheese Factory)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A lesson in patience

 A lesson in patience.. this video just shows why some days  you just cant get it and why you need to put in those brush miles

Painting Demo: "Wax Paper and Ribbon" from sadie valeri on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Cove Beach Noosa Heads Qld Australia pallette Knife painting by Chris Hobel

Little Cove Beach Noosa Heads Qld Australlia Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel
8x8" deep sided canvas

This little painting is of a scene around the corner from the previous post looking the opposite way
another very special part of the world where I love to paint and swim

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Noosa Main Beach Queensland Australia Palette Knife daily painting by Chris Hobel

Noosa Main Beach Queensland Australia Acrylic Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel
8x8"painted on deepsided canvas, ready to hang, 
For Sale
 Painting the Sea with just the palette knife is another challenge. You may recognise the scene from an earlier blog  of Noosa's Main Beach  where I painted a more panoramic view. Love the colours in this one

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunrise Dunes Oil Painting Sunrise Beach Qld Australia

Sand Dunes Beach Painting 10x14" unframed 
Sunrise Beach Queensland  by Chris Hobel
For  Sale

Some images  are definitely more challenging than others, grassy sand dunes are one of them. Hal Barton is a favourite Noosa Artist or should I say ex Noosa artist who managed to capture them beautifully. This painting is a turning point for me as I feel pretty happy with it. It is oil painted on hardwood and reflects my local beach pretty well. Most of my Paintings are available as a print or greeting card on the Fine Art America Site, (click on the link to the right of your screen) If you dont see it there , contact me and I will list it. I have recently upgraded my site so I will be adding lots more over the coming weeks. Ive also added a face book like icon at the top of the page so please please  like me... so I will keep blogging and showing my paintings, No painting today as we managed to get our boat out on the Noosa  river for a few hours this morning and caught a few nice bream for dinner, it is a lovely sunny warm day without a cloud in the sky.....until tomorrow...

new camera at last, iconic Noosa Print on sale

Ive been hanging out for the arrival of my new digi camera canon powershot  sx210 IS. After selling  some more prints on FAA I decided to upgrade my account  so I could list more photos of a higher quality enabling larger prints to be purchased.  The prints I sold were taken  with my sons  better camera so I thought there was a message there.
Im having a  promotional sale until Saturday of this print above called Noosa Fun
Our long hot summer is still in full force and we noosans really look forward to a cool  breeze, I think we will have to wait a little longer.
I have been painting and will be posting more frequently as the weather cools

Thursday, February 17, 2011

back to Colley at Kenilworth by Chris Hobel

I rarely attend workshops but the Whisson family are almost icons in Queensland Painting as most of the family carry on the tradition of Australian Impressionsim. Ive attended Workshops with both Todd and Colley, Eric the dad is a bit more low key, but he certainly inspired his children. I found my children were not that keen to learn from me but have turned out to be very interested in art and do the odd canvas themselves. The  principal of the school purchased my sons painting at the end of year 12 but he is now an electrician.... a safe job but at present he in the remote parts of Cambodia so who knows what the future may bring. Today I didnt fit in any painting as I had to catch dinner, a few bream in the Noosa  River, always an inspiration for another days painting.

Back to the workshop... I enjoyed watching Colleys adept brush strokes.... all very big brush and big shapes until the very end of the painting. A good workshop to do if you want to break free of detail... who doesnt fit into that category

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Colley Whisson Impressionist artist at kenilworth by Chris Hobel, oil painting, australia

After a great two day workshop with colley whisson at kenilworth Q, Ive just found the new? google link to great galleries take a peak. A bit tired tonight so I will just add a pic with more news  to follow soon

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily painting, Kenilworth Country Acrylic Palette Knife painting by Chris Hobel

Kenilworth Hillside

Acrylic palette Knife painting by Chris Hobel, 8x8" box canvas
Painted in the same style and colours as my previous post. I especially like to use the palette knife for acrylic in the summer as the the thick paint takes a bit longer to dry
Classes for this term have commenced and its great to see such wonderful friends again. This week we reviewed a a few tips on composition  so I think Ive inspired myself to get busy after a summer break.


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