Saturday, September 24, 2011

French Cafe Scene Avignon Palette Knife Oil Painting Step 1 Noosa artist Chris Hobel

French Cafe Scene by Chris Hobel
Palette Knife Oil Painting
Step 1
I painted a terracotta underpainting in acrylic, 12x12inch box  canvas.
A bit of a challenge with so may bits of colour and using just the palette knife. I love not washing brushes and with my painful knee, Im doing as little work as possible.( agood excuse I guess) Each  step is a separate post.
Colours I tend to use are French Ultramarine, Cad Red, Crimson, in this one Thalo Blue for shutters, Yellow Oxide, Cad Yellow,White, Veridian, Burnt Umber
next step  will be on the next blog
until then 
au revoir


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