Monday, September 7, 2009

Daily Postcard sketches from Noosa by Chris Hobel

Noosa River looking North
A Quick Sketch Noosa River looking toward Mt Tinbeewah I did today
A great way to improve your observation and drawing skills is to carry a small 6x6 inch A5 sketch book  along with a a few pencils, felt pens,a small #3 sable brush and pocket water colour box, plastic water jar. I take this on hikes, camping and around town. Ive recently discovered a white charcoal pencil which is good for highlights , branches, and tree trunks. Working on a small scale forces you to pick out the most important bits and not get absorbed with detail. Give it a try
I start with the pencil, then work a bit with the felt pen to add darks, the touches of water colour are usually done toward the finish. When the paint is dry, I sometimes add more felt pen. It is also good to take a picture of the same spot. I took my camera but forgot to do it. The first photo was taken earlier in the year
My sketch kit


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