Monday, November 30, 2009

Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel

Roses Palette Knife Painting in Acrylics 8x8 inches,close up of detail,
love the thick texture and warm colours, really Christmassy
the painting front view slighlty cropped
Side view on my easl
Another close up

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Daily Painter, Australia

The finished Hydranger Pot Plant  from Montepulciano 8x8 inch in oil
Contact me if you are intested in buying

Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Daily Painter, Australia

I took this photo at a b and b in Montepulciano Italy. The first and the best we stayed at.It was called Il Rhondo. Beautiful Gardens .
Ive blocked in the background colours with oils thined with gum turp and put in the main darks. I will be adding the next step soon, so check back for progress

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Daily Painter, Australia

Path to Rules Beach, near Bundaberg painted on Canvas pad paper.

I was very happy with this first painting of sand  and the vegetation in the area . Im currently doing several of my local Beach which I will be posting over the next few weeks. The above painting can be rolled and posted so freight would be very reasonale to post overseas. To purchase safely with Pay Pal
email me (remove spaces)
chobel @

Rules Beach Photograph Painting Reference

I painted this after a four wheel drive trip up the coast in winter. I cropped the left side and used  my memory of the view to exaggerate the perspective and slope of the dunes

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuscan Hilltop Town Oil Painting by Chris Hobel, Australia

Finished at last. This the final step in the Painting of the area near Montisi Tuscany Italy
8x8inch deep sided canvas.
I like the interesting roof angles and shadows. It is almost dry so if you would like to purchase , please contact me by email
remember to remove the spaces in this address 
paint chicky @ live. com

Daily painting by Chris Hobel Australia

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuscan Hilltop Town Oil Painting

A bit more progress or one step forward and two steps back, I like the orange colours Ive lost but I will add some more light to the forground after this dries. The biggest challenge for me is painting the forground olive trees.  I think this may be around Montisi .I like the style of Nicolas Verral

Tuscan Hilltop Village Painting by Chris Hobel Australia

This is the first stage of my  8x8 oil painting using reference from a village in Tuscany I visited last year in early spring. I took lots of photos on my trip.This was on one of the few sunny days. It was meant to be a quick painting but alas it had a lot of detail. A close up is below. Im using Archival Oils, the special fast drying white is really great for me as Im more used to painting  with acrylics

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coolum Beach Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Australia

Coolum Beach Oil Painting 46x92cms
This painting took a while to complete.The reference was a very small picture about 2x1cm! I would not attempt from such a small pic again. Lots of artistic license needed

The finished painting  below measures 46x92cms Contact me at
paint chicky @live. com
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The picture below was the first step, notice how Ive cooled down the distant headlands and added more variety to the shapes in the middle distance in the final version

Daily Painting by Chris Hobel Australia

Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily Painting by Chris Hobel Australia

Oil on Canvas Board
I painted this one about the same time as the previous post. I love blues and purples for shadow colours
For details
email me at  paint chicky@ live. com   (Remove spaces In email address ).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oil Painting by Chris Hobel Daily Painter, Australia

Oil on Canvas Board.
I painted this from a photo taken at Deepwater National Park near 1770. Central Queensland Australia.
It has lots of scattered light and foliage detail quite challenging.
 If you would like to buy
 Email me at
 paint chicky @ live . com

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