Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuscan Hilltop Town Oil Painting

A bit more progress or one step forward and two steps back, I like the orange colours Ive lost but I will add some more light to the forground after this dries. The biggest challenge for me is painting the forground olive trees.  I think this may be around Montisi .I like the style of Nicolas Verral

Tuscan Hilltop Village Painting by Chris Hobel Australia

This is the first stage of my  8x8 oil painting using reference from a village in Tuscany I visited last year in early spring. I took lots of photos on my trip.This was on one of the few sunny days. It was meant to be a quick painting but alas it had a lot of detail. A close up is below. Im using Archival Oils, the special fast drying white is really great for me as Im more used to painting  with acrylics


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