Thursday, February 17, 2011

back to Colley at Kenilworth by Chris Hobel

I rarely attend workshops but the Whisson family are almost icons in Queensland Painting as most of the family carry on the tradition of Australian Impressionsim. Ive attended Workshops with both Todd and Colley, Eric the dad is a bit more low key, but he certainly inspired his children. I found my children were not that keen to learn from me but have turned out to be very interested in art and do the odd canvas themselves. The  principal of the school purchased my sons painting at the end of year 12 but he is now an electrician.... a safe job but at present he in the remote parts of Cambodia so who knows what the future may bring. Today I didnt fit in any painting as I had to catch dinner, a few bream in the Noosa  River, always an inspiration for another days painting.

Back to the workshop... I enjoyed watching Colleys adept brush strokes.... all very big brush and big shapes until the very end of the painting. A good workshop to do if you want to break free of detail... who doesnt fit into that category

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Colley Whisson Impressionist artist at kenilworth by Chris Hobel, oil painting, australia

After a great two day workshop with colley whisson at kenilworth Q, Ive just found the new? google link to great galleries take a peak. A bit tired tonight so I will just add a pic with more news  to follow soon

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily painting, Kenilworth Country Acrylic Palette Knife painting by Chris Hobel

Kenilworth Hillside

Acrylic palette Knife painting by Chris Hobel, 8x8" box canvas
Painted in the same style and colours as my previous post. I especially like to use the palette knife for acrylic in the summer as the the thick paint takes a bit longer to dry
Classes for this term have commenced and its great to see such wonderful friends again. This week we reviewed a a few tips on composition  so I think Ive inspired myself to get busy after a summer break.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Painting ,Palette Knife Acrylic Paintings Kenilworth Sunshine Coast Queensland by Chris Hobel

Kenilworth Country
Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel 8x8" on box canvas.

Im looking forward to attending an oil painting workshop this weekend with Colley Whisson, a popular Australian Impressionist Painter from just north of Brisbane Queensland.
I notice his classes in the US are full and Ive said to myself for a long time..Im gunna do a colley  workshop soon... Luckily for me its only about an hours drive. I painted this a while back but I have been very slack with blogging over recent times due to our summer heat and all the depressing news, floods, cyclones and fire.. I dont like to use the Air con as the contrast when I leave the studio is too much to take.

Today has been much cooler and Ive painted two 8x8" oil paintings  so that tells me something. The big shape of the shadow took my attention .This area is part of the flood plain of the mary river and Im sure it has been flooded recently.


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