Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mouldy Monday and a Spring Flutter Buttterfly Acrylic Daily painting by Chris hobel

Butterfly Acrylic Painting by Chris Hobel
Hope your like my new look blog, I did a bit of tidying up , more to do but its a start. Ive added  a reactions section  at the end of this post so please react if you have taken the time to read this
Last week I found this very informative website which I now follow, very generous, thanks Kerry for taking the time to share so much, here  the link so click on  lots of good tips here 
and take a look. Over the weekend I did some experimenting with masking fluid and applying it with a cotton bud. I also used the cotton bud as a painting tool, a bit tricky at first but it gives a nice free spontaineous feel when done well.

8x8" Spring Flutter


Kerry Daley said...

WOW - love your paintings and your blog! How very flattering for me that you have linked to mine in this post. Thank you very much. You can be quite certain that I will be following your blog very closely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kerry for taking the time to comment

Beach Vintage said...

Love the new blog look. Its great to change things around from time to time.

Ruth Lathlean said...

Love the redesign of your blog Chris - you sure have learnt to add all sorts of things that I have yet to discover.


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