Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greece or Noosa, is there a choice, noosa artist Chris Hobel

Dreaming of Turkish Eggplants 
Acryic on Canvas 12x12"

Today I should be sailing to Santorini on an enormous ferry, thats  according to the plan but fishing the noosa river is not so bad. A beautiful day even with  a bit of knee pain that caught me out just a week before departure date for an amazing trip to Greece and Turkey we had planned on the net for over three months..... That has been my excuse for not blogging  or painting much. Never mind, I feel as though Ive been there already after all the travel blogs, trip advisor sites etc.So lucky it happened at home and not walking the Lycien Way in Turkey or climbing the stairs of the Acropolis. Hopefully a bit of knee surgery sooner than later I hope will have me up and about enjoying the great outdoors. Negotiating  the stairs to the studio needs some motivation so dont expect lots of new paintings for a while.
I painted this one on a black gesso background with sand mixed into it. I had forgotten what I wanted to paint on the is surface so I picked a simple eggplant motif. Nice and colourful. It is acrylic on canvas 12x12"

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Ruth Lathlean said...

Love your Turkish eggplants but so disappointing it must have been to have to cancel the trip. Our bodies do let us down these days - hope mine survives my trip coming soon.


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