Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tuscan Village Oil Painting by Chris Hobel

This is step 1, Tuscan Village  Oil Painting
I 've just found this photo of Step 1, it was  painted before the one in the earlier post.
I am still a novice at impressionist style and often I find I want to neaten things  or get distracted by details the more time I spend on a painting.
As I write this I have not yet finished the painting but  I have done a little more and added a few changes to the path way.

I think I should get back to the palette knife as it stops the tendency to be so precious with detail
I started on a gessoed board and drew  the  main outlines to divide the tones  with chalk  blue pencil .
Choose a colour that will blend with colours you will use in your painting .I find charcoal makes the colours muddy.

Limiting your palette also keeps you on the straight and narrow,  colours are naturally harmonious and you cant forget the colours you used that way!

Chroma Archival Colours used are Cad Yellow Mid, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cad Red, Crimson, Veridian, Fast Drying White.with gum turps in the early stage of the painting

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