Saturday, September 12, 2009

Traditional Painting in Oils First Prize Winner, Noosa Beach by artist Chris Hobel

Noosa Main Beach Oil on canvas
I was thrilled to receive a phone call on Friday informing me that I had won First prize in the Traditional section of the Noosa Show.
As an artist it is a great feeling to receive recognition for your efforts. I love to paint in many styles but traditional  seems what Im best at .
The  John Wilson  Master workshop Im attending in a few weeks will give me more skills in oils so the win give me a real boost as I have been feeling a bit of the artist doldrums lately and have had difficulty focusing on the direction I want to take with my painting
This is the beach I swam at today and is very beautiful. I painted it from a photo I took  early in the morning


Ruth Lathlean said...

Great painting Chris - congratulations on the award.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouragment Chris. You were dead on. And can I just say that you are an amazing artist!! I have a LONG way to go to even come close to the kind of talent and skills you have worked for and achieved. Keep up the beautiful work!!

industrial said...

wow!!! Really these are funtastic painting. Keep it up ....

chris said...

thanks for the encouragement


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