Tuesday, July 21, 2009

writing an artists statement

Spent a lovely day fishing the Noosa River and caught a nice feed of bream for dinner, so glad Im finished Writing an Artists Statement , that is what Ive been doing instead of painting for several days. It is something Ive had to do for the Kenilworth Art Prize, its years since Ive entered a competition and having to write artspeak is not my thing. Expressing what your painting says in words is quite challenging and does make you think about what you are trying to express I must admit even if it just comes down to the fact that I paint because I really enjoy it.

Kenilworth is a pretty little country town in the hinterland of the Northern Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia. Late September the town celebrates Art and has workshops, art shows etc. it is a big event for a small town. Ive enrollled in a 4 day Masters oil landscape workshop with John Wilson at that time so it will be fun

My latest art book purchases are very good .

Collage Techniques by Gerald Brommer, is a good overview of techniques including a historical summary. Limited demonstations however. The book is a little old and quality of pictures is showing how today we are spoilt for quality and can be a little picky.

The other book is by Lois Griffel, Painting the Impressionist Landscape. It is excellent and a great book for the serious impressionist painter, lots of reading and practical exercises to get you started. She uses the palette knife and no brushes.

A real joy, fast cleanup.
Go to http://loisgriffel.com/ to see her brilliant colour. Im working on the first block exercise and will post a pic soon

Hoping to visit Childers, this weekend for the Craft Festival, a new experience
until later

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