Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tulips and Roses paintings by Chris Hobel

Tulips (sold ebay 21/5/09)

Roses (sold ebay 21/5/09)

Two small oil board canvases 8x10inches bids start at only 99cents
I like to paint on these to use up my oils at the end of a painting session

Colour Journey Acrylic Abstract Painting 61x91cms (sold 23 May 09)

My love of colour is unstoppable, I completed this painting some time ago, it has a layer of impasto medium. I use this in most of my acrylic paintings and build on this with layers of opaque colour applied with a brush and palette knife followed by layer upon layer of glazes . Please add comments and add me to you favourites. This painting has just been listed on ebay


1 comment:

Sandi K said...

I love to paint, too - flowers are one of my favorite subjects. Very pretty, I like the bright colors!


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